Digital Teaching Resources

The teaching resources are kept topic related and are based on technology and their advancements in our world. This is an important topic to educate students as they will face many challenges associated with operating new and future technologies. These resources are appropriate for classroom use and vary in age groups.


Technology and it’s Advancements – Image and paragraph (Teaching Resource 1)

(Years 4 onwards)

The first teaching resource has been designed to give students an introduction to technology and it’s advancements. The teaching resource was created using the Wordle web tool. It’s purpose is to scratch the surface on the topic and give students a basic understanding before thoroughly learning the topic. This resource would work effectively if the educator were to question students how the key words link to the topic and how they are so important. To start the resource the teacher could read the below paragraph (which was used in the Wordle web tool to create the resource image) and ask them what are some key words that are seen important.

The resource paragraph;

Technology has rapidly advanced in the past few decades. These advancements are developing the way we communicate, innovate, share information and achieve new tasks. In these modern times it is important for students to be digitally fluent and to keep up with such advancements. To effectively participate with the world in tasks involving technology an individual must have knowledge in operating such technologies. As technology advances and our reliability on the use of technology increases, a new divide is to increasing between the people who can access technology and who can’t. This divide is increasingly separating the relationship between people who can access technology to those who cannot.

Then once the educator has received some valuable answers from the students he/she will present them with the resource image;


technology advancements worlde

After presenting the following image the educator can then ask students if their responses from the resource paragraph is similar to any words in the resource picture. The educator can then ask students to create their own Wordle based on technology advancements and see what key words they create.

Technology in our Modern Times and the Future – Pinterest (Teaching Resource 2)

(Year 5 and onwards)

The following Pinterst page is a board I created exploring how technology is advancing in our world and how technology is used in our modern times. This is a great resource to present and explore with older primary school students as they will be thoroughly engaged to view these articles. After presenting them this resource the educator could further the learning experience by requesting the students to pick one of the articles and write down key words and ideas from that article to share in groups.

The learning resource;


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